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Five Things that Change the Quality Measurement and Reporting GameMake the rules work for, rather than, against you by relying on these five critical capabilities.
Workplace premiums experience modest riseMigration to high-deductible plans partly responsible, according to Kaiser Family Foundation survey.
Healthcare affordability remains an issue despite ACAA new KFF issue brief finds that healthcare coverage problematic for some, even as coverage is gained through the ACA.
Experts assess the fallout as United exits ACA exchangesIndustry watchers weigh in on UnitedHealth Group’s announcement that it will exit all but a “handful” of state Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges.
Public warms up to ACA's employer mandateA majority of Americans now have a favorable view of the ACA's provision that employers with at least 50 employees provide healthcare coverage. But a great deal of misinformation about the ACA remains.
ACA exchanges’ silver premiums decrease an average .8% for 2015Premiums for the silver insurance premium plan that is used to benchmark tax credits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will fall by an average .8% in 2015, while premiums for the lowest-cost bronze option will increase by an average of 3.3%.
Why is Medicare spending slowing?Kaiser Foundation examines factors affecting program outlays
Cost and lack of time keep women from seeing physiciansThough women are often thought of as the drivers for healthcare in their families, many face cost and logistical barriers to obtaining healthcare for themselves, according to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
ACA: Half of uninsured don't intend to buy health coverage, poll saysWith the March 31 deadline to enroll for insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s healthcare exchanges approaching, the Obama administration still faces an uphill battle both to persuade the uninsured to obtain coverage and educate the country about what’s in the law.
5.2 million adults will fall into ACA coverage gapApproximately 5.2 million uninsured adults will fall into a coverage gap because of federal health insurance mandates, according to a study released recently by the Kaiser Family Foundation.