New Website Reveals DIR Fee Problems
New Website Reveals DIR Fee ProblemsNASP takes aim at DIR fees.
When Switching Meds Isn’t the Best Approach
When Switching Meds Isn’t the Best ApproachStudy finds that adding an antipsychotic to antidepressant therapy may be best for treating depression.
Only 1 in 4 Opioid-Addicted Youth Receive Medication
Only 1 in 4 Opioid-Addicted Youth Receive MedicationYounger people, females, black or Hispanic less likely to have medication.
Are Rebates Responsible for Higher Drug Costs?A new study shows how the Medicare donut hole could be costing patients.
MOC controversy fueled by new studiesLittle difference found in outcomes from care provided by doctors required to recertify and those not
MOC needs revision before physicians will recognize valueAn overall criticism of the MOC is that it offers no credit for day-to-day practice improvements, study says.
Insulin added to metformin for T2DM associated with increased risk of deathPatients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who received metformin and then added insulin were at higher risk of all-cause mortality than those who added a sulfonylurea, according to a report published June 11 in JAMA.
Increased risk of psychiatric diagnoses seen following ICU admissionCritically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation in an intensive care unit (ICU) may be at increased risk of a new psychiatric illness and medication use following hospital release, according to a report published March 19 in JAMA.
Warfarin may benefit Afib patients with CKD after heart attackWarfarin use may be safe following a heart attack in patients with both atrial fibrillation and chronic kidney disease, according to a Swedish study of more than 24,000 patients.
Doctor review websites are a growing factor for patients choosing providersMore patients are aware of websites that rate physicians, and they make a growing impact on which doctor they pick.