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Alternative approaches for psoriasisFor patients who need or want alternative approaches for treating psoriasis, balenotherapy, curcumin, indigo naturalis, fish oil supplementation, and dietary control may provide effective relief, either alone or as integrative therapy.
Are skincare products with probiotics worth the hype?Evidence is mounting for the use of probiotics, prebiotics and microbial lysates in skincare. One expert examines the literature and shares observations.
Alternative therapies hold promise for rosaceaSome unconventional therapies for rosacea get to the root of the problem, with apparent positive impacts on inflammation, skin barrier dysfunction and vascular function.
Integrative and alternative treatments for seborrheic dermatitisEssential oils, aloe vera, supplements, diet, and other solutions may be of use for patients who request alternative or integrative treatments for seborrheic dermatitis.
Green tea shows promise in skin treatmentResearch reveals a fascinating story with an amazing dichotomy.
Ginseng may provide benefits on multiple frontsGinseng, an ancient Asian remedy, has long been believed to have therapeutic value for energy and memory as well as having anti-oxidative, anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Studies are starting to provide backup for conventional wisdom, and are showing that ginseng can also benefit melasma, atopic dermatitis and hair loss
Oatmeal soothes, relieves, and inhibits viruses
Oatmeal soothes, relieves, and inhibits virusesGood for more than a morning meal, oatmeal soothes angry skin, relieves itching, and even has an antimicrobial effect.
Alternative treatments for hair lossHair loss is an emotionally traumatic experience for patients, and the standard therapeutic armamentarium is frustrating at best. Fortunately, there are several promising supplements and topical botanical agents on the horizon for alopecia.
Curcumin: anti-inflammatory and protein inhibitor
Curcumin: anti-inflammatory and protein inhibitorCurcumin is the ingredient in turmeric that is prized for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. learn more
Unconventional treatments for warts and molluscum
Unconventional treatments for warts and molluscumLearn more and explore several alternatives for treating warts and molluscum.