Tablet-based tests putting detection of glaucoma at handAn iPad-based quick contrast sensitivity test had similar sensitivity and specificity to frequency-doubling technology.
iPads in the optometry officeSeveral years ago, our office was facing a space crunch. We were out of room for our charts. We’d used every spare inch of available floor space for cabinets, and those cabinets were full.
Alcon launches new iPad app for cataract surgeonsAlcon recently launched Toric Pro, a new app that gives cataract surgeons a number of tools in a single app intended to improve their knowledge on toric IOL procedures for treating astigmatism at the time of surgery.
Going mobileYou’re dating yourself if the song from The Who is going through your head after reading the headline of this editorial. Hmmm…maybe I am dating myself with the reference!
VA testing app debuts on iPadA feature-rich FLEX visual acuity (VA) app for ophthalmology, optometry, clinical trials, and other medical uses has been released on Apple iTunes for retina display iPad devices as an add-in to Konan Medical’s Chart2020 Duo app.
iPad use by kids younger than 2 may be just fineA pediatrician who is an expert on the effects of media on children—and who, not incidentally, helped write the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines on restricting media use by children aged younger than 2 years—says that 30 to 60 minutes per day spent using an iPad or similar device may be just fine for the age group.
Using the new Drug Topics iPad AppCheck out the new and improved iPad app for Drug Topics! This app features tons of interactive content and a better way to view our magazine. All issues are completely free!
Letters to the editor
VIDEO DEMO: New Contemporary OB/GYN app now availableWe've created a new app to enhance your reading experience with interactive features such as pop-out charts, videos that play in the app, and more. The app is free in the Apple iTunes store.
Visual testing on iPad convenient and easyAn iPad-based letter contrast sensitivity test could be a quick, easy, and convenient alternative to more traditional testing measures. This new tool, developed by Ridgevue Vision, has the advantage of being interactive as well.