Intraocular Lenses

New IOL may reduce opacificationThe design of a new accommodating IOL shows promise in reducing the capsular bag opacification that can occur following cataract surgery.
Modular IOL system begins clinical evaluationAn investigational modular IOL was designed to improve surgeons’ ability to select the right optic the first time, enable safe and easy postoperative enhancement when required, and minimize posterior capsule opacification. A multicenter clinical trial evaluating the IOL was launched in October.
IOL calculations in post-laser vision correction eyesStudy suggests that new IOL measurement technology works more effectively than previously thought, however, still rely upon aspects of existing formulae to determine the final lens power.
Patient satisfaction can help guide IOL selectionA patient satisfaction and quality-of-life survey found that three presbyopia-correcting IOLs provide better spectacle independence than monovision.
New-generation IOL is glistening-freeThe absence of glistening formation is among the advantages associated with new IOL technology, relates one ophthalmologist.
Y-fixation technique: Why not?The Y-fixation technique is a method of sutureless IOL intrascleral fixation that requires less complicated manipulations and results in better closure than alternatives of its type.
Centering the IOL-bag complexMultipoint scleral suture fixation through the fibrotic rim of a continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis results in stable recentration of a dislocated IOL-capsular bag complex
Why LASIK not always the best optionPhakic IOL implantation is safe and efficacious for treating high myopia and other conditions not amenable to LASIK, with outcomes comparable to those of LASIK and PRK.
New IOL lens shows promiseFluidvision accommodating intraocular lens (PowerVision) provides 5 D of accommodation with impressive results.
Vision à la carte: Designing visionThe concept of vision à la carte allows all ophthalmic surgeons to design vision for each patient individually, using all of today’s technologies and techniques.