informed consent

Did vaginal hysterectomy result in iatrogenic injuries?
Did vaginal hysterectomy result in iatrogenic injuries?A family history of uterine cancer prompted the patient to seek a hysterectomy.
How to avoid litigation associated with fillersLitigation is largely due to a practitioner’s lack of training and the lack of informed consent for the patient.
Can I be sued for off-label use?If a patient’s procedure uses a device that is not FDA-approved, or is FDA-approved for another purpose, or is experimental, must the patient be so advised by the physician to provide appropriate informed consent? Courts have wrestled with this matter in a number of legal opinions.
When is physician health disclosure required for informed consent?Should dermatologists be required to disclose matters of personal health, especially if matters related to physician health may increase the risk of harm to a patient?
The ethics of care for techniciansUnderstand how autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-malfeasance come into play
Clinical photography best practices
Clinical photography best practicesConsiderations relating to EMR, HIPAA, informed consent, and record access can help you form a plan to use clinical photography to document patient progress as well as to protect yourself from legal claims.
Ethics involved in using anti-VEGFs for pediatric patientsParents must be given a full understanding of the treatment risks and potential alternatives in pediatric ROP cases.
Did I commit battery? I did nothing wrong...A doctor performing a cosmetic filler injection is sued for battery by a patient. Consent was obtained, no untoward event happened and there were no long-term complications.
Fillers and blindness: Do you include risks on patient consent forms?
Fillers and blindness: Do you include risks on patient consent forms?A study published in JAMA Ophthalmology confirms the possibility of off-label filler injections to the forehead causing permanent blindness. Do you include this risk on your patient consent forms?
Losing a malpractice case may depend on where you liveA patient recovering from surgery was warned about the possibility of infection, and she develops an infection that leads to sepsis. Should the physician have explained to her that infection could lead to sepsis and possibly death, and can the physician be sued?