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Four of the biggest challenges faced by health information organizationsFour health information organizations recently convened to discuss their challenges and successes in interoperability stability and infrastructure.
Interoperability remains huge hindrance to improved care qualityHigh customer satisfaction has been linked with stronger loyalty, sales, and profits. So why hasn’t the healthcare industry caught on?
Making sense of big data: Data projects spur progressMany health systems have a hard time capturing and using data from patients that can make a real impact on their businesses. Here are some innovative projects to have on your radar.
Mend fragmented payer-provider relations: 4 tipsPayers and providers have traditionally operated on opposite sides of the tracks with limited collaboration, resulting in a disjointed and complicated experience for patients when accessing care.
Five tech trends that will change the healthcare industry
Five tech trends that will change the healthcare industryNew technology is changing how payers, providers, and patients interact. Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring these technology changes.
Patient records: The struggle for ownership
Patient records: The struggle for ownershipPatient medical records are undergoing a seismic shift. But this shift is happening quickly, in many ways too quickly for either physicians or the laws and regulations pertaining to medical records to keep up.
The right kind of interoperability must become realitySolving the problem of electronic health record (EHR) interoperability is just a small step toward integrating the exploding healthcare information technology system.
Five private sector interoperability initiatives to watchHere are some innovative ways EHR vendors are working to expand interoperability for providers and payers
ONC aims for improved interoperability by 2017The Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONC) is aiming for better national interoperability by 2017.
Plans on the road toward a national information exchangeRather than a big medical record in the sky a community is sharing information via a non-profit, public-private collaborative