Asthma and kidney stones linked in childrenChildren with asthma are 4 times more likely to have kidney stones than those without asthma, and vice versa, according to a study published online in the medical journal PLoS One.
Factoring the metabolic X syndrome
Factoring the metabolic X syndromeAlthough there is debate surrounding the definition of metabolic X syndrome in pediatrics and there are few long-term studies of outcomes in children with metabolic syndrome, pediatric metabolic syndrome needs to be on the radar of all pediatricians interested in ensuring a healthy adult life for their patients.
Getting beyond the surface in ocular surface diseaseOcular surface disease (OSD) is a prevalent, chronic, and progressive condition with an often multifactorial etiology. A comprehensive approach to detection, treatment, and monitoring is required.
Diagnosing and treating Sjögren's syndrome
Diagnosing and treating Sjögren's syndromeSjögren’s syndrome is underdiagnosed and seriously impacts the ocular surface and quality of life and places the patient at risk for multisystem involvement. Optometry’s role in identification, diagnosis and collaborative long-term management is an important one. Earlier attention to symptoms leading to diagnosis and collaboration with other health professionals will ensure better quality of life for our patients.
Inflammasomes role in acne solidifiesExperts discuss association between inflammasomes and acne that may lead to treatments stopping acne before clinical signs emerge.
Exploring balance of controlling inflammation, IOP in uveitisClinicians need to weigh such factors as inflammation and IOP in determining when steroid therapy is beneficial in uveitic glaucoma.
Sustained-release formula may obviate need for post-cataract steroid therapyTwo phase III trials evaluated sustained-release dexamethasone for the treatment of inflammation and pain after cataract surgery.
Neurotransmitters may fuel inflammatory flares in skin conditionsThe connection between emotional stress and skin disease is clear enough, an expert says, that it makes sense to recommend stress relief for patients who say their inflammatory skin disease flares under duress.
2015 ARVO finds connections in innovative drug delivery, therapiesForward-looking research in drug delivery and therapies filled the sessions at this year’s meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.
Drugs in Perspective: Lemtrada (alemtuzumab)Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) received FDA approval on November 14, 2014, under fast track designation, for the treatment of patients with relapsing forms of MS.Due to the safety profile, alemtuzumab should generally be reserved for patients who have had an inadequate response to 2 or more drugs indicated for MS.