The utility of normal tear osmolarity results
The utility of normal tear osmolarity resultsPatient symptoms are not an effective method to diagnose dry eye, as they often overlap with other pathologies. Tear osmolarity results provide clues for alternative diagnoses.
How digital device usage is affecting youthThe time we are spending on digital devices is on the rise, and it’s unlikely to slow down any time soon. With more and more apps, games, and social media options, we have all become more dependent on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.
Ocular surface disease limits surgical optionsPrepare your patient by assessing and treating the ocular surface
How to get non-symptomatic dry eye patients to comply with treatment
How to get non-symptomatic dry eye patients to comply with treatmentDr. Scott Schachter offers advice on how to better manage non-symptomatic dry eye patients and encourage them to comply with your treatment plan
Incorporating meibomian gland imagingAdding this technology can improve your diagnosis and better educate your patients
What you need to know about dry eye testingDr. Scott Schachter discusses using dry eye testing in your practice to identify dry eye patients.
Easier ways to identify compromised corneasOver the past few years, various diagnostics have been introduced to help clinicians identify inflammatory conditions on the ocular surface more readily and, therefore, provide treatment to patients earlier in their disease states.
Assess dry eye from a systemic standpointApproaching dry eye from a systemic standpoint can potentially benefit patients in the long term and improve the quality of care we provide. Here are a few key considerations that should be made when assessing dry eye as a potential systemic symptom.
FDA grants CLIA waiver to dry eye diagnosis testRapid Pathogen Screening Inc. (RPS) has received a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waiver from the FDA for its rapid, disposable, in-office test (InflammaDry) to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye disease.
FDA clears rapid, point-of-care dry eye testThe FDA has issued a 510(k) clearance of a rapid, disposable test (InflammaDry, Rapid Pathogen Screening Inc. [RPS]) to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye disease for sale in the United States.