Patient experience with immunotherapy: 4 things health execs need to knowCAR T-cell therapies and other immunotherapy give this oncologist’s cancer patients hope for a better quality of life.
Four oncology treatment advances to watch
Four oncology treatment advances to watchExperts say a cancer care revolution is here. Here’s a closer look at some advancements in cancer treatments to watch.
Payers struggle to keep up with high rate of FDA drug approvalsFDA incentives have hastened the development of “orphan drugs” for rare diseases, but some worry that regulators are not always demanding clear evidence for drug efficacy.
Medication adherence: High tech still needs a personal touchWhere do the capabilities of healthcare technology end and the need for the human hand begin to deliver top value for managed care executives?
Genetic tests guide cancer therapy, improve efficacyAt the ASCO 2016 Annual Meeting, an expert from the Moffitt Cancer Center will discuss use of genetics to guide targeted-therapies and immunotherapies.
Immunotherapies offer promise for Hodgkin lymphomaResearchers see promising early clinical trials with checkpoint-inhibitor therapies, opening the door for checkpoint-blockade combo therapies.
New drugs raise hopes
New drugs raise hopesThe next few years should produce some big wins — and some big winners.
Advanced malignant melanoma treatment enters new eraTreatment for metastatic melanoma has begun a dramatic renaissance with the development of novel immunotherapy strategies and targeted therapeutic approaches.