New Study Shows Pharmacists-Involvement Can Dramatically Improve Vaccination RatesWhen pharmacists know a patients’ vaccination histories, vaccination rates go up.
Physicians Voice Concerns on Texas Law that Restricts Immunizations for Foster Children A new law would limit emergency immunization for children entering foster care system in Texas.
Improve your practice: Patient visitsIn this month’s article, Dr. Andrew Schuman focuses on improving the office visit experience for your young patients. By following his advice, you will be rewarded with parental loyalty, a busy and prosperous practice, and patients who look forward to their office visits.
Human trials of Zika vaccine underwayThe Army has made significant progress on the Zika vaccine in just 10 months. Details here.
Don't overlook vaccines in value-based benefit designA new study highlights why vaccination costs should be a top consideration when evaluating benefit offerings.
Childhood immunizationsThe currently recommended childhood immunization schedule put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is designed to protect infants and young children from 14 harmful and potentially deadly diseases before a child’s second birthday.
Former Walmart pharmacist urging colleagues to join lawsuitNow that a judge has granted conditional class certification to a lawsuit claiming Walmart failed to compensate pharmacists for some time related to immunization training, the lead plaintiff is urging her former colleagues to join the litigation.
Pharmacist with needle phobia wins millions from Rite AidShould a pharmacist afraid of needles have to administer immunizations as part of his or her job? Or should pharmacies be required to make reasonable accommodations for such an employee?
Pertussis Vaccine Best Defense Against Whooping Cough but Estimated Vaccine Effectiveness Declines Over Time (VIDEO)Pertussis or whopping cough is a contagious respiratory disease that can be life-threatening to newborns and infants. Learn more about the vaccine.
How to prepare your practice for flu seasonPreparation and patient outreach during flu season will enable your practice to better compete in a crowded marketplace.