ICD-10 diaries

ICD-10 changing the way physicians practiceFrom questioning diagnoses to spending more time coding, ICD-10 is causing more physicians to take additional time away from practicing.
Payments for some, pain for others with ICD-10The ICD-10 road into November has been smooth for some physicians and bumpy for others in our latest ICD-10 Diary project entries.
ICD-10 seamless for some physicians, a puzzle for othersPhysicians weigh in on the mixed bag of the new coding system in our latest ICD-10 Diary project entries.
16 spooky Halloween-themed ICD-10 codesWith Halloween right around the corner, be on the lookout for some of these lighthearted incidents that may require new ICD-10 codes.
ICD-10 proving to be benefit and burden to physiciansFrom 'a waste of time and energy' to 'piece of cake,' physician experiences vary in our latest set of ICD-10 Diary project entries.
Workflow slowdown accompanying ICD-10 transitionNearly three weeks into the ICD-10 coding system and little issues are starting to mount for the physicians in our ICD-10 Diary project.
ICD-10 codes more familiar, but claim uncertainty reignsICD-10 codes are now the norm for physicians nationwide, but that doesn't mean everything is going smoothly.
Coding ICD-10 may be easier than getting claims paidHere are physician quotes after week two of the ICD-10 coding transition taken from Medical Economics' ICD-10 Diary project.
ICD-10 Diary: About our ICD-10 Diary physiciansHere is a list of physicians that are contributing to our ICD-10 transition diaries for the month of October, 2015.
Minor results so far from major ICD-10 conversionIn the first part of our ICD-10 Diary project, physicians from various specialties and states react to the first few days of the coding transition.