ICD-10 codes

Toilet training kids with ASD: Part 2Like typical children, children with intellectual disabilities or autism will toilet train at different rates and with different strategies. For some families, this can be a frustrating and depressing time. Discussing the use of positive rewards and avoiding punishment will help these parents slowly make progress. Here is a detailed program to help patients achieve continence.
ICD-10 codes aren't oppressive after allAlexander Miller, MD, a dermatologist in Yorba Linda, Calif., has a simple message for colleagues grappling with the new ICD-10 codes: Don't panic!
Keloid care and insurers – will they or won’t they pay?Insurers tend to think of keloids as a cosmetic issue so they have a wide range of standards covering reimbursement for care and treatments. Practitioners must fully document the medical necessity of the care they provide and then code the conditions and treatments correctly to maximize their chance for reimbursement.
Top 13 Pokémon Go ICD-10 codes physicians need to knowIf you have yet to hear about Pokémon Go, the new app that is taking over the world—it topped 15 million downloads in just its first week—you probably will or have already started seeing its results in the form of your patients.
Was there fraudulent coding just because I used a novel treatment approach?How does the standard of care relate to medical coding?
A holistic approach to ICD-10 coding complianceWith ICD-10 now a reality, overcoding can result in penalties, while undercoding can mean lost revenue. Here’s how to develop a comprehensive compliance strategy.
Bizarre ICD-10 codes for derms
Bizarre ICD-10 codes for dermsThe new ICD-10 codes include some real oddities for dermatologists.
Opinion: Are ICD codes really necessary?After much angst and several delays, the healthcare industry recently completed the ICD-10 transition, but was it really necessary?
Correctly coding to prevent ICD-10 denialsHere are four strategies to make sure the wrong ICD-10 code doesn't mean a payer denial.
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