Infant with failure to thrive and hypotoniaA 4-month-old girl arrives at the clinic for a well-child visit. Her mother voices concerns about the infant’s poor weight gain, slow feeding habits, and physical delays such as head lag, poor grasp reflex, and rolling over.
MICS & MIGS: combined surgery with microstent devicesThe combination of MICS and MIGS can offer an effective surgical treatment for POAG when the reduction of IOP following cataract surgery alone is not sufficient to reduce a patient’s need for glaucoma therapies.
Infant girl with progressive hypotoniaA 9-month-old girl is brought to the emergency department for evaluation after 3 days of poor feeding and 1 day of decreased activity. The day prior to presentation, she was no longer crawling or pulling herself to stand. On the morning of evaluation, she is no longer able to lift her head.