Pharmacists on the Front Line in Treating Cardiac Disease
Pharmacists on the Front Line in Treating Cardiac DiseaseWhen it comes to cardiac disease, pharmacists in all practice settings can make a difference.
Hypertension higher in childhood cancer survivorsAdults who have survived childhood cancer are about 10 years ahead of their peers in terms of developing hypertension, according to a new report.
Addressing hypertension can aid value-based scoresNew, lower blood pressure guidelines could result in more diagnoses, greater need for treatment
New high blood pressure guideline healthcare cost impactFifty percent of Americans have high blood pressure, per new guidelines. Here’s how those guidelines could affect medication utilization and healthcare spending.
Integrating Pharmacists into Medical Homes Significantly Improves OutcomesHaving a clinical pharmacist integrated into a medical home benefits diabetes and hypertension patients.
With new guidelines, hypertension diagnoses to riseTips for physicians to address high blood pressure, meet value-based care targets
5 Takeaways from new hypertension guidelinesThe new guidance means that nearly 103 million Americans will now carry a diagnosis of high blood pressure following a visit to their physician.
Updated clinical guidelines for childhood hypertensionNew guidance for pediatric hypertension makes it easier for primary care physicians to identify children and adolescents with high blood pressure and manage them in an appropriate manner.
Clinical Challenge: Treating Nasal Congestion with Concomitant Hypertension
Clinical Challenge: Treating Nasal Congestion with Concomitant HypertensionIn Clinical Challenge, we give you one case and two different expert opinions. You decide the best approach.
Impact of aspirin in reducing preterm preeclampsiaA study looks at the efficacy of aspirin in reducing preterm preeclampsia. Plus: The CDC reports on antidepressant use in the United States. Also, a look at whether vaginal estrogen postmenopause increases the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.