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Hot Topics in Prostate Cancer

Data support PCa markers, but more study neededA leader in urologic oncology discusses four currently available molecular tests in this report from Urology Times SUO internship program member Brandon Manley, MD.
PCa: How positive family history predicts outcomesUrology Times SUO internship program member Cory Hugen, MD, reports on a recent Mayo Clinic study on familial history’s impact on post-RP outcomes and survival.
Radiation center volume linked to prostate Ca outcomesIn a recently published study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 20,000 high-risk prostate cancer patients at more than 1,000 facilities.
Prostate Ca: Site of metastases impacts prognosisFindings from a recent study emphasize the need for imaging with CT or MRI and bone scan to determine the pattern of spread in men with advanced prostate cancer.