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How to Save $8.5 Million in Drug Costs
How to Save $8.5 Million in Drug CostsHospital pharmacists and physicians saved millions on cardiovascular meds.
When Price Dictates TreatmentWhen drug prices spike, health-care providers are forced to make tough choices.
Health-system pharmacists empower the teamHealth-system pharmacists help improve patient care, boost patient outcomes, reduce readmission rates, and lower costs — and savvy administrators know it.
Hospital pharmacists improve management of diabetes patientsMedication reconciliation, inpatient care, med safety, discharge education, transitions of care, medication adherence — these are only some of the ways pharmacists can benefit the healthcare team. There are plenty more.
Pharmacist error rate rises as workload climbsHospital pharmacists are aware that they have too many orders to fill on a daily basis – in addition to numerous other job functions, including working with insurers and counseling patients. And now, a new study verifies that the more orders pharmacists fill, the more likely it is for errors to occur.
6 ways to avoid fluorouracil medication errors: ISMPThe Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is cautioning hospital pharmacists and other healthcare professionals about the intravenous cancer medication fluorouracil.
Pharmacist interventions help boost patient-satisfaction scoresWhen clinical pharmacists spend time talking with patients, the positive feedback goes up.
Entry-level salaries for hospital pharmacists expected to declineSalaries of entry-level health-system pharmacists are expected to decline by at least 10% over the next five years, predicts a new report from ASHP.
California pharm techs to take on more responsibility under new lawA new California law will free up hospital pharmacists in the state to spend more time with patients and collaborate with other healthcare providers.
DEA to scrutinize hospital pharmacists for opioid monitoringLike retail pharmacists, hospital pharmacists are being held accountable for opioid use in their facilities.