HIPAA violations

Is this a HIPAA Violation?Two years ago, Dr. Beauty hired several independent contractors on an hourly basis to improve the marketing of his practice. In order to provide them easy patient demographic accessibility, he provided them full access to his patients’ electronic medical records. One patient became aware and filed a HIPAA complaint. Dr. Beauty feels that although the involved activity may represent HIPAA violations, no penalties have been assessed to small practices such as his. Is this true?
How to protect your practice from HIPAA investigations
How to protect your practice from HIPAA investigationsPrivate practices top the list as the most common covered entities required to take corrective action under HIPAA. Here are ways to protect yourself.
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Defend your practice against HIPAA violationsDespite changes to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that dramatically affect the risk profile of medical practices, many have yet to establish a full arsenal of defenses against data breaches. The simple fact is that failure to update your protections can multiply your vulnerabilities and fines if a breach occurs.
Walgreens, pharmacist liable for HIPAA violationAn Indiana appeals court recently upheld a $1.4 million verdict against Walgreens and one of its pharmacists who shared a customer’s confidential medical information.
HIPAA business associate agreements: Update deadline approachesHealthcare providers who share HIPAA-protected health information with certain service providers must update their written agreements by September 22, 2014.
Can my text to a parent lead to a HIPAA violation?Texting has become so popular because it is instantaneous, convenient and direct. Without appropriate safeguards, though, texting can lead to violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Physician use of social media: Navigating the risksPractices must establish social media guidelines to protect patient health information and the reputations of its physicians.