Fusion Bx-guided HIFU shows promise in localized PCaEarly follow-up of men with localized prostate cancer treated with novel technology that integrates fusion biopsy findings to guide high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU [Focal One]) shows the technique has promise for minimizing post-treatment morbidity while providing good cancer control, Italian researchers reported at the AUA annual meeting in Boston.
HIFU results in low morbidity, QoL preservationAnother study suggests that hemiablation with high-intensity focused ultrasound is a promising treatment for unilateral localized prostate cancer.
Prostate HIFU lands in the U.S. Now what?"With all this uncertainty, the good news is that men will no longer need to travel to Canada or elsewhere for prostate HIFU therapy," writes Leonard G. Gomella, MD.
Data offer new insight on HIFU’s use in low-risk PCaTransrectal HIFU shows a statistically significant increase in per-core negative biopsy rates.
Salvage HIFU shows promise in post-RT PCa patientsHigh-intensity focused ultrasound as salvage therapy allows for intermediate-term disease control in selected patients with recurrence following radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
Focal cryo vs. focal HIFU: Similar oncologic outcomesOncologic outcomes are similar using focal cryotherapy and focal high-intensity focused ultrasound for treatment of localized prostate cancer, French urologists reported at the World Congress of Endourology and SWL in London.
FDA clearance of HIFU met with enthusiasm, questionsThe Sonablate 450, SonaCare Medical’s high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) device, has received FDA clearance for prostate tissue ablation.
Best of AUA 2014: Prostate Cancer
Best of AUA 2014: Prostate CancerMichael C. Gong, MD, PhD, presents the take home messages on prostate cancer from the AUA annual meeting in Orlando, FL, including new findings about enzalutamide (XTANDI).
Urologists critical of HIFU on TwitterUrologists on Twitter criticized high-intensity focused ultrasound and in some instances even mocked the treatment.
Focal therapy: Magic bullet or unproven treatment?Focal therapy has been promoted as a minimally morbid option for men with localized low-risk prostate cancer who nevertheless want their disease treated. Opponents of focal therapy note the heterogeneity and multifocal nature of prostate cancer, the difficulty of accurately targeting and destroying an index tumor with focal therapy, and the unknown biologic potential of the tumor.