Taking on surgery in HSV patients
Taking on surgery in HSV patientsCataract and refractive surgeons should use prophylaxis to avoid reactivation of the herpes simplex virus (HSV) in patients with a history of infection with this virus, according to Elizabeth Yeu, MD.
Is Zika linked to another birth defect?A retrospective case study in Brazil examines whether the Zika virus has ties to a birth defect other than microcephaly. Also, the USPSTF issues recommendations on screening for genital herpes. Plus: Does soy reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease in women with PCOS?
When corneas go viral: Simplex edition
When corneas go viral: Simplex editionViral corneal infections, while not overwhelmingly common, can be puzzling and even sight-threatening.
A genital herpes vaccine still far offResearchers are genetically sequencing the virus in hopes of one day developing better prevention and treatment.
Herpes is everywhere
Herpes is everywhereHuman herpes viruses are ubiquitous and they should be kept in mind for atypical presentations in immunocompromised hosts.
FDA grants first-ever CLIA waiver to herpes test, systemFDA has granted CLIA waiver to Theranos for herpes simplex virus test and test system.
Vaccine has potential to prevent genital herpesFor the first time in history a vaccine was developed that has the potential to prevent HSV-1 and HSV-2. Learn more
Single-dose tablet effective for labial herpesA novel delivery system of an old drug designed to treat herpes labialis resulted in fewer recurrences of next herpes episodes, shorter durations of episodes, and increased incidence of blocked episodes.