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How well do you know your herbs and spices?It turns out that asking a simple question while taking patients’ histories could prevent unanticipated bleeding and bruising after fillers, neurotoxin injections and more.
Herbs are helpful, but use with caution in childrenMore and more parents are using herbal medications to manage their children’s health conditions, but which ones are safe and how are they used?
Can Your Pharmacy Cure All This?
Can Your Pharmacy Cure All This?On a recent trip to Laos, one of our editors discovered a mobile pharmacy peddling herbal medications for everything from chickenpox to lung cancer.
Takeaway: Considering alternatives
Takeaway: Considering alternativesDermatology Times editorial advisor, Elaine Siegfried, M.D., talks with Peter Lio, M.D., assistant professor of clinical dermatology and pediatrics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and private practice, Dermatology and Aesthetics of Wicker Park, Wicker Park, Chicago, about his interest in alternative medicine and the legitimacy and usefulness of certain techniques and therapies.
Fraud in the pharmacy?If you sell products that make medical claims not approved by FDA, you are participating in fraud. Maybe better take another look at your pharmacy's shelves.