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Men’s health: A forgotten topicIn many ways, policymakers, insurance companies, and certain health care providers seem to have a total disregard for men’s health, writes Henry Rosevear, MD.
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Apparently, I'm worth less than a staplerUrologist Henry Rosevear, MD, discusses a recent OR experience that had him rethink his value as a surgeon and consider a possible alternative to better align the financial incentives of the surgeon with the hospital's goals.
Readers share their two cents on $4.07 insurance paymentIn his recent blog post “My $4.07 check: A sign of the times,” Henry Rosevear, MD, shared how, after managing a patient with an obstructing stone and billing $1,332.25 for his services, he received a check from the Colorado Indigent Care Program, the patient’s insurer, for $4.07. His blog post prompted a wave of comments, commiseration, and suggestions.
MOC: Members of the UT editorial board weigh inIn conjunction with Urology Times' recent coverage of maintenance of certification (MOC), we asked several members of the UT Editorial Advisory Board to weigh in with their thoughts on MOC.
Readers react to blog post about transgender communityThe recent blog post, “The transgender community: Urology has a role and a responsibility,” by Henry Rosevear, MD, prompted comments from several readers. Given the interest in this topic, Urology Times has compiled these comments.
My $4.07 check from an insurer: A sign of the times
My $4.07 check from an insurer: A sign of the timesUrologist Henry Rosevear, MD, recalls some of his experiences working with government-sponsored health care programs.
The transgender community: Urology has a role and responsibility"The fear of a hypothetical situation should not be used to place restrictions on the life of one of our transgender patients," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.
AUA 2016: Reflections on mentors, MRI fusion, and moreThe AUA annual meeting provided learning experiences for Henry Rosevear, MD, on multiple levels. Here are eight observations he brought home from San Diego.
Marijuana and me: A Colorado urologist’s experience"I have no personal experience with marijuana. But I do practice medicine in Colorado and given the state’s ongoing experiment with legal recreational marijuana, I am accumulating a significant amount of professional experience with the drug," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.