healthy eating

2015 Physician writing contest winner: JeremyIn the first-place winner for our 2015 Annual Physician Writing Contest, Daniel Taylor, DO describes his experience helping "Jeremy," a 15-year-old boy struggling with problems associated with obesity.
Healthy Eating Plans to Manage Your DiabetesHealthful eating is an important part of managing your diabetes. Eating healthy can help you to maintain your weight and your A1C at target levels.
Nutrition’s role in eye careWhat are some common questions our patients expect to hear from us? “How is your vision? Which is better, one or two? How many nights out of the average month do you sleep in your contact lenses?” Sure, these are the easy answers, but when is the last time you surprised your patient with a question about their diet?
Assist populations with obesity prevention
Assist populations with obesity preventionPhysicians and local communities assist in obesity prevention.