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Top 3 factors in biosimilar coverageAn Avalere study has interesting findings about payer acceptance of biosimilars.
Low CAHPS scores? Try thisLow CAHPS scores are a problem for health plans, but they don’t give much information in terms of how plans can improve. Drill down surveys might be the answer.
PBM vs. PBA: The pros and cons
PBM vs. PBA: The pros and consIndustry experts weigh the options between a traditional pharmacy benefits manager and a pharmacy benefits administrator.
More plans act on private insurance exchanges
More plans act on private insurance exchangesExperts explain why more plans are getting involved in private exchanges, and share recommendations for what to do about it.
Winning patients over while asking for moneyHow to equip staff to actually ask patients for payment.
The technology factor: Tools to help you collect from patientsIf you want to increase practice profitability and haven’t mastered patient collections, consider how you might employ technology to help you succeed in the new high deductible landscape.
How high deductibles impact patients, practicesThere has been a major shift in the financial aspect of patient care and it’s affecting patients and those who provide their care in major ways. Perhaps you’ve noticed certain patients not coming in as often or a rising accounts receivable (A/R) that’s increasing in age and amount. The shift by third-party payers and government entities to have patients shoulder more of the cost of healthcare is creating a huge need for hospitals, clinics and private practices to change how they communicate about and collect patient payments.