healthcare disparities

Things that impact racial, ethnic disparities in cancer survivalOne study seeks to understand the underlying causes of racial and ethnic disparities in cancer survival. The results may be surprising.
Health plan addresses urban vs. rural healthcare disparitiesThe access problems many rural health plan members face cannot be rectified overnight, but resources, creativity and time can bring these populations up to par with their more urban counterparts.
Four ways MCOs can reduce health disparities in patients with disabilitiesA new study from The Ohio State University reveals eye-opening findings about individuals with developmental disabilities.
Two ways to address healthcare disparitiesA new Commonwealth Fund has surprising findings following ACA’s major coverage expansions.
Five things that keep health execs up at nightWhat has you counting sheep at night? Answers from your peers may surprise you.
Pharmacists on the frontline of preventive healthcare servicesFor patients, preventive services are a vital healthcare resource. For the healthcare delivery system, they produce cost savings. Pharmacists are a key link.
Access to healthcare: location trumps incomeA new study of healthcare disparities between states shows that poor residents of high-performing states often have better health outcomes than affluent residents of low-performing states.