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Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar Savings
Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar SavingsSavings from generic and biosimilar drugs are making PBMs and pharmacies, as well as patients, happy.
Three healthcare questions to consider as election 2016 approachesIt’s time to step back and assess how the election could impact the managed care industry.
Dementia costs surpass those of all other diseases
Dementia costs surpass those of all other diseasesShared resources, specialized drugs key to curbing costs
Alliance seeks to transform corporate healthcareTwenty American corporations join to improve the way employee healthcare benefits will be purchased in an effort to create better outcomes.
Ten ways NPs reduce costs, improve qualityCindy Cooke, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, shares 10 ways nurse practitioners reduce healthcare costs while improving quality.
ACA provisions will cost $142 billion less than predictedProvisions of the Affordable Care Act will cost $142 billion less over the 2016–2025 period than originally estimated by government agencies, due to slower premium growth and changes in enrollment sources.
Should dermatologists change the way we do business?Several weeks ago an editorial appeared in our local newspaper. The basic premise of this editorial is that we doctors aren’t doing enough “to control healthcare costs.” This is in spite of the availability of an $840 million grant program under the ACA “to teach Medicare and Medicaid doctors new ways to offer higher-quality, better-coordinated, more cost-effective care.” From my experience as a practicing dermatologist in both academics and private practice, I have always felt that the specialty of dermatology was extremely cost effective while delivering high quality care to our patients. Providing high quality healthcare at a reasonable cost is not only incredibly difficult but also extremely complex.
$840 million HHS initiative seeks to redesign healthcare deliveryThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new initiative aimed at redesigning clinical practice and improving healthcare delivery.
Pioneer ACOs performance is mixed in first two years, CMS data showsIs the government’s Pioneer ACO program in trouble? CMS released data from the program's first two years.
Letter: ACOs are starting point for healthcare reformA writer says that accountable care organizations (ACOs) will be successful only if the goals of all participating organizations, including patients, are aligned.