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Top 4 Trends for Hospital Pharmacists in 2018
Top 4 Trends for Hospital Pharmacists in 2018ASHP predicts leadership changes, enlarged roles for pharmacists, and financial pressures.
IV Compounding Software Reduces Risk of Med ErrorsIV compounding software can help reduce errors and increase patient safety.
How to cut pharmacy staff without layoffs or reduced servicesThis health-system pharmacy department found success through a combination of approaches.
Health-system pharmacists empower the teamHealth-system pharmacists help improve patient care, boost patient outcomes, reduce readmission rates, and lower costs — and savvy administrators know it.
Pharmacy in flux
Pharmacy in fluxDespite the ups and downs of 2014, pharmacists in both the community and hospital settings anticipate an improved business climate.
Financial pressures from healthcare reform drive change in hospital pharmacyPresented during the Midyear Clinical 2013 Meeting, the report, based on a survey of of 164 industry experts, outlines key trends developing in hospital pharmacy.
Tough week for pharmacyOne bunch of pharmacists won't forget National Pharmacists Week any time soon.
Pharmacists face tougher 2014Shrinking margins, drug shortages, ACA pose challenges for community, hospital pharmacists.