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MACRA proposed rule brings new decisionsUrologists and other physicians who serve Medicare patients face some new decisions now that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has proposed new regulations implementing last year’s fee schedule reform law, while also replacing the existing meaningful use program with a more flexible approach to technology and electronic health records.
Sorry, not sorry: Medicine’s apology dilemma evolves
Sorry, not sorry: Medicine’s apology dilemma evolves“Few physicians are familiar with apology law and even fewer understand the significance,” said Patrick McKenna, MD, chief of the division of pediatric urology at American Family Children’s Hospital and professor of urology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
What should the AUA’s legislative priorities be?"What the AUA can do for those of us in the trenches, so to speak, is to lessen some of the regulatory burdens that have been put on us," says one urologist.
MACRA pay models: What you can expectIn a series of articles this year, Robert A. Dowling, MD, will examine what you need to know about the law, what the CMS proposed rule for implementation implies for the near and long-term future, and—when it is issued later this year—what the final rule means to your urology practice.
The Affordable Care Act: How it has impacted men’s health
The Affordable Care Act: How it has impacted men’s healthThe ACA is a large step forward in allowing men to embrace their health concerns, and for health care practitioners to understand men and the challenge of help seeking, masculinity, and disparity in their quest for wellness (Men’s Health in Primary Care [Current Clinical Practice]. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2016).
States attempt to limit importance of MOC"As evidenced by the flurry of activity at the state and federal levels of government, many physicians are fighting back against increasingly burdensome recertification requirements," writes the AACU's Ross E. Weber.
How residents can prepare for changes in physician measurement"The world of physician measurement is rapidly evolving and residents need to understand the changing landscape," writes urology resident Alan L. Kaplan, MD.
CMS halts PSA quality measure—for nowAs a result of strong opposition from organized medicine, including the AUA and patients, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has put on hold its development of a draft plan to penalize physicians for ordering “non-recommended” PSA tests to screen for prostate cancer.
Is a ‘perfect storm’ heading for urology?The next few years may bring more change for urologists in a more compressed time frame than ever before. Could a perfect storm be brewing, and what should you be doing about it?
Work force shortage projections climb
Work force shortage projections climbIf medical specialties were competing for which would have the most dire shortage of practicing physicians by 2025, urologists would likely win.