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Health literacy: A challenge in diverse populationsHealth illiteracy is widespread across all populations, but it has the extra burden of language and cultural barriers in diverse and underserved populations. Here’s how pediatricians can help.
3 steps to boost health literacy
3 steps to boost health literacyWhat do patients and their families really understand about their healthcare and what can pediatricians do about it?
How Pharmacists Can Team Up with Physicians to Improve CareIncreased collaboration with physicians means better health outcomes, but what does that look like in the real world?
Study: Ageism affects health outcomes in the elderlyHumana and UCS study shows prevalence of ageism in film and the power of embracing a healthy mindset for healthy aging
Top 5 ways value-based pricing impacts healthcareWith new requirements from CMS on the horizon, how will the shift to value-based care impact consumers, payers, and providers?
Experts see potential in population health management, but obstacles remainPopulation health management holds great potential for improving healthcare and lowering costs, but obstacles still need to be overcome is the takeaway from a panel of healthcare experts in a Google hangout videoconference.
How precision medicine improves chronic disease management
How precision medicine improves chronic disease managementIf we can accurately understand each patient’s risk for disease, we can create more nuanced preventive care plans and better invest our resources.
Study supports APRN independence, cites improved outcomesPatients fare better when nurse practitioners are able to exercise the full extent of their skills, according to a new report.
Study substantiates nurse impact on clinical outcomesA new study published in the September issue of Health Services Research found that individual nurses can in fact have a positive impact on patients.