Cosmetic surgery and e-cigarette use
Cosmetic surgery and e-cigarette useResearchers offer advice on how to council e-cigarette users prior to surgery.
Patient preference: Male vs female surgeonsDo cosmetic patients have a gender preference when choosing a surgeon?
Give thanks (and give back) with RealSelfRealSelf announces their inaugural fellowship program to support reconstructive surgery in third-world nations.
Measuring nonsurgical fat reductionResearchers offer a reproducible solution to quantify nonsurgical fat reduction results.
ABCs and 123s of ona-, abo- and incobotulinumtoxinA
ABCs and 123s of ona-, abo- and incobotulinumtoxinAA recently published stepwise approach to treating wrinkles provides a template for achieving safe, effective results with FDA-approved neurotoxins.
No-touch lip enhancement
No-touch lip enhancementAvoiding needle injection directly into the mucosa decreases swelling and bruising both during and after the procedure.
FDA approves new Natrelle gel implantThe latest to join Allergan’s Natrelle family, the INSPIRA Cohesive breast implant is designed to increase upper breast fullness and to hold its shape.
RealSelf launches business pagesNow you can showcase a 360-degree picture of your practice, including the staff who administer nonsurgical treatments.
Acknowledge your aestheticianThey work tirelessly to improve patient skin. Celebrate your aesthetician’s contributions this month on National Aesthetician Day.
2040: A wrinkle odysseyWhat city holds the predicted top spot for wrinkles by the year 2040? The 2016 RoC Wrinkle Ranking is in.
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