New Migraine Meds Pharmacists Need to Know About
New Migraine Meds Pharmacists Need to Know AboutNew drugs for acute migraines are almost ready for prime time. Here's what you need to know.
Isopropyl nitrate poppers pose maculopathy riskPoppers containing isopropyl nitrate may cause foveal maculopathy, researchers say.
11 of the Weirdest Medical Facts Ever Believed
11 of the Weirdest Medical Facts Ever BelievedFrom the Drug Topics archives, one of most popular features in our history returns.
Medication or placebo to prevent migraine?A trial comparing amitriptyline, topiramate, and placebo for prevention of migraine in children and adolescents with a history of migraine found that all 3 had about the same effect on reducing headache frequency or headache-related disability.
Asking right questions leads to better headache diagnosisOphthalmologists can monitor the need for further headache evaluation and treatment with several simple question sets and a mnemonic.
Impact of menopause on migraine frequencyDo women suffer from more migraines as they transition into menopause? Plus: A report indicates that hospitals may not be adequately supporting breastfeeding in teenaged mothers. And, a look at prenatal exposure to bronchodilators and autism.
OTC remedies help ease tension headache, backache, arthritis painWhere does it hurt? Chances are, someone has come up with a treatment for that.
What are likely postconcussive symptoms and how long do they last?After a concussion, youngsters have primarily physical symptoms, such as headache and dizziness, but symptoms with a substantial emotional component, such as sleep disturbance, frustration, and forgetfulness, often develop during the course of recovery.
Research finds vision problems decreasing employee productivityThe majority of employees are regularly affected by at least one visual disturbance at work that could diminish their performance, with most taking multiple breaks during the day to rest their eyes, according to new research sponsored by Transitions Optical, Inc.
Therapy plus amitriptyline reduces migraine daysCognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) combined with amitriptyline results in fewer days with headache and migraine disability in kids and teenagers with chronic migraine than does education about migraines and the tricyclic antidepressant.