Trichomoniasis update
Trichomoniasis updateThe CDC recently updated guidelines for treatment, but this common STI is considered "neglected" by some experts.
Puzzler: An unusual cause of pelvic painIt may difficult to arrive at a diagnosis in cases of acute pain.
Single-dose azithromycin still effective against chlamydia, study findsThe study was designed for tight control of the usual variables.
Legally Speaking: Weak link in chain of command leads to $23 million settlementIn malpractice cases allegations of a failure to follow the chain-of-command policy often are made retrospectively, knowing the bad outcome and claiming that nurses had a responsibility to obtain additional medical care that would have prevented the patient’s injury.
Puzzler: A sneaky cause of hemorrhagic shockCan you arrive at the correct diagnosis?
Vaginal delivery and the pelvic floor: Outcomes of levator ani injury
Vaginal delivery and the pelvic floor: Outcomes of levator ani injuryMuscle stretch and distention during delivery lead to problems later in life.
NSAIDs and menstrual blood loss
NSAIDs and menstrual blood lossShould NSAIDs be first-line treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding?
Tool helps with decision-making for fibroid managementA clinical decision tool serves as a framework for providers to counsel patients about mode of hysterectomy.
The economics of uterine fibroidsA study tabulates the direct and indirect costs.
A 'window' into the female immune system
A 'window' into the female immune systemOpportunistic infections tend to invade the female reproductive tract during certain "windows of vulnerability," researchers have found.