Vulvar pruritus in postmenopausal womanA 62-year-old woman presents for her annual gynecologic exam, stating that she has had a 4-month history of worsening vulvar pruritus. Can you make the correct diagnosis and treatment plan?
Retained foreign object after gyn surgeryA woman sues after a surgical needle was accidentally left in the patient during a vaginal prolapse surgery. Plus more cases.
Vulvar irritation in a 27-year-old womanA 27-year-old woman presents with an 18-month history of vulvar irritation. She has tried multiple agents for her condition including topical steroids, Vagisil, antibiotics, and fluconazole without relief. What's your diagnosis?
Vulvar lesions in a 72-year-old womanA 72 year-old woman is referred to your office by her internist for vulvar lesions. She denies itching or pain and states that the lesions have been there for years. Her medical history is unremarkable.
3D printing in gynecologic surgery planningAlthough still experimental and expensive, 3D printed models have potential for use in preoperative planning in some settings.
Nonpainful vulvar mass in a 42-year-old womanA 42 y.o. woman presents for her annual gynecologic exam and complains of a non-painful mass on her right vulva. Can you make the diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment plan?
Is the prevalence of endometriosis on the rise?Researchers gathered survey data to find out.
Pain management of office-based hysteroscopyDifferent interventions are appropriate for different patients.
The future of treating pelvic organ prolapse
The future of treating pelvic organ prolapseDemand for prolapse surgery is increasing and techniques are evolving.
Management of adolescents with gender dysphoriaPatients with GD are increasingly likely to present for care, and ob/gyns should be familiar with the latest management guidelines.