Seeing movies with guns piques kids’ interest in using themChildren who view movies with gun violence are more interested in guns and violence than their peers who do not have this exposure, a recent experiment showed.
How the Docs vs. Glocks ruling affects physicians
How the Docs vs. Glocks ruling affects physiciansThe conversations doctors are allowed to have with their patients regarding guns and other firearms, if any, are the central part of a new ruling overturning most aspects of a highly controversial law that has undergone several appeals and reversals since its inception in 2011
Gun safety: What can you do?Time and ability may put a damper on a pediatrician’s ability to assess a patient’s risk of a gun-related injury, even though most say prevention of firearm injuries is a priority.
Suicidal kids and guns in homes a deadly mixOne in 5 children and teenagers at risk for suicide lives in a home where firearms are present, and 15% of these kids at risk know how to access both the guns and bullets, said researchers at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting this week in Washington, DC.
Having more firearm laws may be associated with lower rate of firearm fatalitiesHaving a higher number of firearm laws in a state may be associated with a lower rate of firearm fatalities from suicides and homicides, according to a report of a study across all 50 states published online first by JAMA Internal Medicine.