group purchasing organizations

Five things to know about the role of GPOs in the healthcare supply chainHere are 5 things to know about GPOs, their business model and role in the supply chain, and their impact on healthcare costs and competition
Independent Pharmacy Cooperative and Pace Alliance Join Together
Independent Pharmacy Cooperative and Pace Alliance Join TogetherIPC and Pace Alliance join together to help the independent pharmacist.
The Evolution of Group Purchasing OrganizationsSomewhere in the United States, there may be a retail or specialty pharmacy that is not part of a group purchasing organization (GPO). If there is such a pharmacy, it is very hard to find.
Physician rights in the open payments programFollow these seven steps to ensure financial data reported about you is accurate
Meeting the challenge of rising vaccine costs
Meeting the challenge of rising vaccine costsThe high cost of purchasing and administering vaccines has been a topic of discussion by pediatricians for some time. New vaccines cost much more than the older ones, and even the old vaccines have consistently increased in cost over the years. This has caused some pediatricians to consider dropping vaccines from their practices altogether.
[BLOG]: Effective collaboration can help to mitigate drug shortagesPatients across the country continue to feel the impact of critical prescription drug shortages. As formulary managers understand, an integrated approach to solving shortages, involving all supply chain stakeholders, can have a profound effect on mitigating the impact of shortages on patients.