One plan’s unique approach to combat diabetes, obesityThis novel approach aims to help those already struggling with obesity and diabetes, but eventually win the fight against this epidemic.
Five advancements in diabetes treatment to watch
Five advancements in diabetes treatment to watchThe healthcare industry continues to focus efforts on treatments that work better, and ideally are less expensive and less invasive for patients.
Factoring the metabolic X syndrome
Factoring the metabolic X syndromeAlthough there is debate surrounding the definition of metabolic X syndrome in pediatrics and there are few long-term studies of outcomes in children with metabolic syndrome, pediatric metabolic syndrome needs to be on the radar of all pediatricians interested in ensuring a healthy adult life for their patients.
Do tech improvements lead to better diabetes outcomes?An important question is whether improvements in technology can make better control accessible to patients who are not currently good candidates for insulin pumps.
First mobile system of apps for continuous glucose monitoring approved by FDA
Simple steps manage diabetesPCPs must consider the whole patient with type 2 diabetes, not just the blood glucose, noting that patient weight loss, weight maintenance, and exercise are huge challenges
Large diabetes population spurs innovationMedicines that better control glucose and more efficient dosing needed