Portable non-mydriatic device closes gap on tele-glaucoma screeningA portable non-mydriatic fundus camera was found useful in grading cup-to-disc ratio as part of glaucoma screening compared with a standard tabletop mydriatic fundus camera.
Glaucoma risk may increase after cataract removal in early infancy
Glaucoma risk may increase after cataract removal in early infancyGlaucoma is more likely to develop in children who undergo cataract surgery when they are 6 weeks or younger.
Three companies on the “Horizon” with glaucoma drugsThe pace of new glaucoma drug development continues, fueled by continuing research into novel mechanisms of action. Three companies, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Bausch + Lomb, and Inotek Pharmaceuticals, shared their latest results.
B + L dedicated to eye care with strong portfolio, new programsBausch + Lomb (B + L) outlines the company's commitment to eye care with a strong portfolio, new programs, patient access, and better pricing.
FDA making changes in approval processes for industry, patientsThe laws governing ophthalmic drug and device approvals have changed little in recent years. But the FDA is making significant and far-reaching changes in its approvals process.
Allergan building presence in glaucoma with implant and MIGS deviceAllergan is moving forward with plans to introduce innovative drug delivery device and surgical device for glaucoma
Device makers swing for fence with new technologiesDevice manufacturers presenting new implants and technologies to treat glaucoma. As the industry moves from 1.0 devices to 2.0 devices, this will be a transformative time in the way physicians treat patients.
Drug-delivery platforms offer more options and promise for cliniciansSeven glaucoma drug delivery companies reviewed the latest data on platforms
Precision medicine: Tracking glaucoma progressionSince glaucoma progresses faster in some patients than others, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and visual field progression analysis can be more useful than IOP in guiding treatment decisions.
Glaucoma ‘tsunami’ bearing down on how EyeMDs will practice medicineA tsunami of glaucoma is sweeping toward the U.S. healthcare system, according to Cynthia Mattox, MD. For many ophthalmologists, coping with the increased demand will mean teaming up with other eye-care professionals.