glaucoma research

Antioxidant-mitoprotective supplement may reverse mitochondrial dysfunctionIn a small study, a combination over-the-counter supplement with antioxidant and mitoprotective properties significantly reversed mitochondrial dysfunction.
Investigating strains on ONH tissue key to unraveling mystery of glaucomaInvestigations of the biomechanical changes in the optic nerve head may eventually lead to improvements in therapies for patients with glaucoma.
Managing glaucoma in womenIt has been estimated that by the year 2020, there will be an increase in the number of Americans living with glaucoma from 60 to 80 million. Given that women outnumber and outlive men, this will result in a vast number of patients who will require optometric care.
New glaucoma drugs aim to shake up marketReuters recently reported on a new wave of drugs in development that it says will shake up glaucoma treatments. When the consumer media is giving your patients direct information about eye care, are you ready to answer their questions?
Unsupervised machine learning identifies patterns of glaucoma-related binocular visual field lossGlaucoma researchers developing machine-learning techniques to identify patterns of glaucoma-related visual field loss, without human supervision, and to detect progression of glaucoma based on these patterns are reporting their experience in applying their methods to binocular visual fields.
Rethinking prostaglandin analogs side effectsI recently came across a journal publication describing a patient with Crohn’s disease and open-angle glaucoma.1 Essentially, the patient’s treatment with topical latanoprost was associated with an exacerbation of her Crohn’s disease.
Why immunomodulation is the next logical step in glaucoma controlResearch in glaucoma that evaluates the molecular interactions between resident and systemic immune cells and neurons is progressing with the goal of providing translational applications for immunomodulation as a neuroprotective strategy in patients with glaucoma, said Gülgün Tezel, MD.
AAOphth says marijuana is not proven treatment for glaucomaThe American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAOphth) has reiterated its stance on medical marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma, stating that it finds no scientific evidence that marijuana is an effective long-term treatment for the disease, particularly when compared to the current prescription medication and surgical treatment available.
Ophthalmologists and ophthalmology trainees underestimate glaucoma riskA study from the Centre for Eye Research Australia at the University of Melbourne found that comprehensive ophthalmologist and ophthalmology trainees who participated in an online multinational study to assess optic discs were about twice as likely to underestimate as to overestimate glaucoma risk.
Researchers design contact lens to administer glaucoma drugResearchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have designed a contact lens that can release controlled amounts of a glaucoma drug, delivering more consistent dosages of the drug than eye drops.