glaucoma detection

Investigating strains on ONH tissue key to unraveling mystery of glaucomaInvestigations of the biomechanical changes in the optic nerve head may eventually lead to improvements in therapies for patients with glaucoma.
Why retinal vasculature could aid glaucoma diagnosisCongenital anomalies, angle closure, and juvenile open-angle glaucoma aside, it can be generally agreed upon that glaucoma tends to be a disease of relatively older persons. This rings especially true in the arena of normal-tension glaucoma in which intraocular pressure (IOP) may play less of a causative role compared to vascular and hemodynamic dysfunction.
Field defect, high IOP might not signal glaucomaGlaucoma is a term that describes a family of progressive optic neuropathies. All of the glaucomas share characteristic and progressive cupping of the optic nerve head, and this cupping is most easily viewed by means of direct stereoscopic evaluation through a dilated pupil.
Hottest stories of 2014: GlaucomaCheck out our most-read glaucoma stories of 2014.
Using glaucoma diagnostic imagingOver the last decade, there has been rapid growth in the management of glaucoma. Innovative imaging technologies that aid in the diagnosis of this vision-threatening disease have also been on the rise. Instead of relying on a single diagnostic tool, clinicians may consider leveraging the benefits of several modalities available today.
Bono says glaucoma is the reason for his trademark shades
Bono says glaucoma is the reason for his trademark shadesBono, the iconic Irish rocker and front man for band U2, recently revealed on The Graham Norton Show that he does not wear his avant-garde designer shades for fashion alone.
Deciding between glaucoma or physiologic cuppingBig optic nerves make me feel good. I find them easier to evaluate, and I don’t get as worked up about their respective big optic cups.
Earlier glaucoma detection: Study finds progress, but at very slow rateAnalyses of visual field data collected at centers across England showed the average level of severity of vision loss at the time of glaucoma detection decreased—improved—over time. Still, the rate of improvement between 1998 and 2012 was only 0.1 dB per year.
Reviewing an optic pit in a glaucoma suspect
Reviewing an optic pit in a glaucoma suspectA 24-year-old was referred to the Ocular Disease Service at UAB Eye Care for a glaucoma evaluation. Other than a history of spectacle correction for myopic refractive error, the personal ophthalmic history is negative.