Some Consumers Set to Receive Complimentary Cancer Genomic ProfilingShift represents growing understanding of value of genetic testing for cancers. Find out who is receiving the test and why.
Five questions for payers to ask when deciding coverage of genomic testsGenetics and genomics are starting to have an impact on cardiovascular care. Here’s what payers should consider when deciding whether to cover a gene expression test.
Genetic testing in oncology: 5 things payers should knowAs genomics continues to evolve, here are five things to know about genetic testing and counseling.
Cognitive computing shakes up healthcare: What execs need to know
Cognitive computing shakes up healthcare: What execs need to knowThe concepts that power cognitive computing and AI have grown to include substantial healthcare advancements.
Top 10 sessions to attend at ASH 2016This year’s American Society of Hematology (ASH) Conference, held in San Diego, will feature a wide array of sessions.
How social factors are driving precision medicinePrecision medicine isn’t just about genomics anymore. With the field moving forward as the next step in population health management, environmental, social and lifestyle factors that live outside the medical system are increasingly important to target treatments and engage patients. That means health plans also need innovative technology solutions to capture, store and integrate this crucial information.
Technology innovation drives better outcomes in pediatricsA look at some of the technology advances at one hospital, and across the country, that are changing the way pediatric cancer patients are treated.
Genomes: Technological advances offer challenges, opportunitiesInformation sharing, coordination are key to realizing the genomic revolution in medicine.
Pharmacogenomics: The right med, the right dose, every time
Pharmacogenomics: The right med, the right dose, every timeThree-quarters of the time, meds prescribed for many common conditions don't work. When the day comes that meds are routinely personalized to the patient, this will cease to be an issue.
Exploring Precision Medicine's value
Exploring Precision Medicine's valueConsensus is building on the promise of genetic testing and other technological advances to help individualize testing, prevention and treatment for better outcomes.