genital warts

Different possibilities based on a patient’s unique needsDepending on the medical specialist caring for patients with HPV, traditional treatments for genital warts tend to fall into two general categories: provider-administered and patient-administered therapies, according to one specialist.
Uro Pipeline: FDA accepts biologics license application for bladder Ca agentOther pipeline developments discussed include an implantable device for OAB treatment, a subcutaneous hypogonadism treatment, efficacy results for an HPV drug, and the status of a device-based BPH treatment.
Lower incidence of genital warts after HPV vaccineA study in Sweden has shown that the incidence of genital warts (condylomata) declined by 93% in girls who received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine before age 14. The study was carried out by researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden and published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
HPV vaccination rate slows with parental concernsThree-quarters of teenaged girls are not up-to-date on the vaccination series for human papillomavirus (HPV) because their parents have concerns about vaccine safety, according to a national survey on immunization.