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New bill aims to support generic, biosimilar drug competitionThe CREATES Act came about because some pharmaceutical manufacturers are misusing the REMS program to prevent generic drug development.
How Walmart plans to save on genericsWalmart has decided to put all its eggs in a really big basket.
Pharmacists seek fairness in generics reimbursementPBMs have dodged state-mandated requirements for transparency in generics drug pricing, so many states are rewriting their laws.
FDA generics backlog improves, although criticism continuesWhile many groups are criticizing the FDA backlog of generic drug approvals, the agency has released the numbers on approvals and tentative approvals for 2015.
Generic treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia could save millionsFive years of imatinib treatment for CML = >$100,000 saved per patient.
Biosimilars' savings may reach $100 billion by 2020The use of biosimilars in the European Union and the United States may yield huge savings to healthcare systems over the next five years
U.S. physicians start to embrace prescribing of biosimilarsPhysicians are beginning to understand the value of biosimilars, particularly those who are high prescribers of biologics and therefore familiar with biosimilars.
Legislators call for transparency in generic drug pricingSixteen members of Congress are urging passage of the MAC Transparency Act and greater reimbursement transparency for the big federal health programs.
Biosimilar offers hope of lower-cost treatment of autoimmune diseasesHere's the latest on the second biosimilar in line to receive FDA approval.
Do chains or independent pharmacies offer the best generic pricing?
Do chains or independent pharmacies offer the best generic pricing?After secretly shopping at 200 stores in six states, "Consumer Reports" announced its findings, and they make for very interesting reading.