Gary Novack, PhD

What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this year
What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this yearSee the highlights and program overview from the Glaucoma Research Foundation's 2017 Glaucoma 360!
Novel therapies abound in pipelineThe importance of novel therapies for ocular disease is a given. However, as most novel therapies are financed by the private sector, it is fortunate that investors find ophthalmology a worthwhile investment.
FDA works to bring patient perspective to MIGS
Dr. Gary Novack: State of glaucoma pharmaceuticals, what future holdsGary D. Novack, PhD, president of PharmaLogic Development, co-moderated an industry panel discussion on glaucoma pharmaceuticals Friday during Glaucoma 360. Watch Dr. Novack outline the state of glaucoma drug therapy and where the future is headed.
New drugs target multiple mechanisms in glaucoma