Funny Bone

When is appropriate to offer medical advice?
Prior authorization is an occupational hazard"It's an occupational hazard now. I've been diagnosed with 'Prior Authorization Elbow.'"
Doctors lose either way in fight against opioid epidemic"This is what it's like to decide whether to prescribe opioid pain meds now."
Best Funny Bone Comics of 2017
Best Funny Bone Comics of 2017In between the headache that is healthcare for physicians these days, Medical Economics has tried to insert some laughter into the crazy and hectic lives of our readers through our Funny Bone Comics. Click through to see which cartoons you got the most joy and laughs from this past year.
A zombie apocalypse will fix healthcare problems
Physician advice under 140 characters"Its the society we live in now. I find my patients listen to my advice more if I keep it under 140 characters."
Where did Next Gen ACOs get their name?"They are called 'Next Gen' ACOs because ti will take a generation before they finally figure it all out."
Expecting a universal EHR standard is a childlike beliefYou have to admire Dr. Conway's childlike beliefs. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and one standard format for sharing electronic health data.
This is how doctors can avoid malpractice suitsMy hobbies are scrapbooking and journaling every single medical decision I have ever made after I got sued two years ago.
This is the solution to rising drug costsIt's fair—right?