fundus photography

Diagnosing early-stage AMD with a dark adaptation deviceA dark adaptometer (AdaptDx; MacuLogix Inc) can aid in the diagnosis of early-stage, or subclinical, age-related macular degeneration before visual loss occurs and even before structural changes are observed, and adds to the information obtained from retina cameras and OCT imaging.
Multimodal imaging approach useful in treatment of uveitisSuccessful imaging for the group of diseases known as uveitis depends on the specific underlying etiology. Tailoring the imaging approach using a variety of imaging methods, which are often complementary, can yield the maximum amount of information. This approach is useful not only for diagnosis and management of patients, but increasingly in clinical trials.
Acute viral maculopathy linked with hand, foot, and mouth diseaseThe patient noticed the symptoms while suffering from fever secondary to hand, foot, and mouth disease.
Using medications in pregnant glaucoma patientsMost of the medications, both new and old, we prescribe for glaucoma are quite safe—especially if we educate our patients to occlude their puncta.
Roth spots show as initial presentation in multiple myelomaRoth spots are hemorrhages in the retina with white centers. They occur in a wide variety of systemic conditions that are associated with retinal hemorrhages.
Smartphones hold implications for retinal screening, beyondThe advent of smartphone devices and applications is transforming the practice of ophthalmology, especially in regard to ophthalmic diagnosis and monitoring.
Handheld device accurate, safe approach to diabetic retinopathy screening
Handheld device accurate, safe approach to diabetic retinopathy screeningAn investigational device for diabetic retinopathy screening has a low technical failure rate, completes testing in a few minutes, provides immediate results, and is not associated with adverse events.