fundus autofluorescence

Clinical imaging of macular holesRecognize characteristics and stages of macular hole for better pictures
Confocal scanner gives ophthalmologists valuable new toolMost ocular structures become luminescent for a short time when exposed to a light source of appropriate wavelength; this phenomenon is known as autofluorescence (AF). AF is due to the presence of fluorescent substances called fluorophores.
6 OCT pitfalls to avoidOptometry has widely adopted optical coherence tomography (OCT) as a mainstay in diagnosing and managing ocular disease since its advent in the 1990s
New technology may lead to earlier AMD DiagnosisWhile there have been advances in the treatment of AMD, the methods to detect and diagnose AMD have remained the same, with the exception of OCT. But new technology—including the Adapt Dx, multi-spectral imaging, and fundus autofluorescence—may allow for earlier detection.