financial planning

2016 Financial PlaybookWith physician pay on the rise by some measures, now is a good time for doctors to take stock of how to keep more of those dollars in their pocket.
Weighing the best retirement plan for practice, employees
Weighing the best retirement plan for practice, employees
Crucial considerations for partnership or saleUse this list to ensure that you are considering the fundamental criteria before entering into a partnership.
Financial Self-Defense for DermatologistsEducation is crucial for protecting yourself from possible misconduct from financial advisors. Recognizing these red flags can help you choose wisely and avoid mistakes.
Debt management tips for ODsThe burden of student loan debt is one of the hottest topics in the optometric community. Catherine Dimon, CFP, of Morgan Stanley shared her advice for debt management for young optometrists at Vision Expo East.
Why market timing cannot beat a disciplined strategyIf investors are not in the market when it begins to move up again, they may miss a large gain. It is virtually impossible to accurately enter at the top or bottom of the market, especially consistently.
Budgeting for retirement: Make a plan and stick to itCreating a budget has never been easier, but sticking to one takes real work
5 tips to prepare for practice purchase
5 tips to prepare for practice purchasePurchasing a private practice is a big decision and requires thorough preparation. The practice that you purchase can determine where you live and where your children go to school, and it ultimately shapes the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.
The value of a pension: Three considerationsI’m often asked what a pension is “worth.” The question is important, because it factors into the assessment of a physician’s ability to retire comfortably.
The secrets of financial flexibility
The secrets of financial flexibilityDoctors need a financial playbook that responds to their distinct careers. Keeping the cashflow to your practice flexible is important when starting out, but don't forget to plan for retirement.