Fighting Back

Fighting Back: Top tips for physicians to take on value-based careCome out swinging for patients.
Fighting back, part 2: The quest for independence
Fighting back, part 2: The quest for independenceThe fight against the pressures facing independent primary care practices can take many forms. For some, it has meant joining forces with other practices to attain the benefits that come with size without sacrificing their day-to-day autonomy. Others are taking a different route—minimizing the bureaucratic obstacles to practicing medicine by adopting direct pay practice models.
Fighting back, part 1: Overcoming the challenges of independent practice
Fighting back, part 1: Overcoming the challenges of independent practiceOwning a primary care practice has rarely—if ever—been more challenging than it is today. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this and the following issue of Medical Economics, we present physicians and practices that are beating the odds by fighting back. They are overcoming the obstacles to success and practicing medicine the way they want to. We hope their examples inspire you to fight back too.
In our patients' shoes: Reducing barriers to care in diabetes treatment
In our patients' shoes: Reducing barriers to care in diabetes treatmentTreating chronic diseases such as diabetes requires a strong and open relationship between physician and patient.
Engaging patients to decrease costs and improve outcomes
How engaging patients improves health outcomesWhy the solution to the challenges of healthcare can be found in the exam room of a primary care physician
The fight for clinical controlAdministrative challenges are nothing new to physician practices. But physicians and practice administrators across the United States now describe significant struggles to adapt to what amounts to far greater involvement from payers and regulators related to clinical decisions on a variety of fronts, such as prior authorizations, case manager involvement and network cancellations.
How network cancellations impact a practiceA practice in Connecticut details the impact of removal from a payer's network
Lemons to lemonade: Why I remain in practiceA physician with decades of experience reveals how he maintains his enthusiasm for the medical profession
Direct pay: A promising care model with challengesPhysicians say direct pay models offer a viable alternative to health insurance, but they require careful planning and outreach.