Femtosecond lasers

New techniques centering on capsulotomy creationTechnologies and techniques such as femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery and microinvasive glaucoma surgery may be guiding the way for future cataract surgeries.
Anterior capsulotomy is the main prostaglandin release inducer in FLACSResearch presented in this article found anterior capsulotomy to be the main trigger for an increase of prostaglandins in aqueous humor immediately after laser-assisted cataract surgery. Optimised energy settings in combination with NSAIDs might therefore help reduce laser-induced miosis.
Survey captures snapshot of astigmatismThe 2013 ASCRS Clinical Survey Results on Astigmatism—covering 168 data points with more than 1,000 physicians responding—showed that 57% of physicians saw benefits associated with femtosecond laser arcuate incisions compared with conventional manual incisions, according to John A. Vukich, MD.
Effectively comanaging femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgeryThe use of a femtosecond laser during cataract surgery is now an option for your patients, and you need to be comfortable answering patient questions and co-managing this procedure.
How to create viable thin-flap layers in LASIKStudy of fourier OCT to evaluate flap architectures in LASIK patients finds that both a mechanical microkeratome and a femtosecond laser create thin planar flaps.
Eliminating ultrasound during lens removalWith femtosecond laser lens pretreatment and optimization of the surgical approach, removal of even dense cataracts (LOCS III grade 4) can now be completed without any ultrasound in nearly all cases.
Femtophaco surgery fosters improved outcomesFemtophaco surgical procedures using a femtosecond laser have resulted in much-improved cataract and corneal outcomes.
Cataract lasers mkt. to hit $2.4 B by 2019, study forecastsThe worldwide market for cataract surgery lasers is forecast to exceed $2.4 billion by 2019, according to a recent study conducted by WinterGreen Research Inc.
Pearls for adding femtosecond laser to practiceOphthalmologists are nearing a crossroads with the replacement of phacoemulsification by femtosecond laser technology. New femtosecond laser technology is costly, and surgeons must decide if this technology is right for their practices, explained John Vukich, MD.
Circular, elliptical flap comparison takes shapeIn a comparison study of elliptical and round femtosecond laser flaps created during myopic LASIK, both flap configurations provided excellent early results and patient satisfaction was very high.