Are More Blister Packs a Good Thing?
Are More Blister Packs a Good Thing?In an effort to combat opioids, the FDA is pushing blister packs—something pharmacy groups have been advocating for.
Three Barriers to Biosimilar AdoptionUnderstanding the key barriers to biosimilar adoption in the U.S. is the first step managed care executives can take to overcome these obstacles, according to a Trinity Parners report.
Top 5 Problem Dietary Supplements
Top 5 Problem Dietary SupplementsWhen natural doesn't always mean safe, and reading labels doesn't necessarily protect consumers.
Why I changed what I tell patients about refractive surgery
Why I changed what I tell patients about refractive surgeryRefractive surgery is no stranger to evolving technology and research. Jim Owen, OD, MBA, FAAO, explains how recent research has changed the way he positions laser vision correction with his patients.
Small Doses: 6 Stories You Need to Know in January
Small Doses: 6 Stories You Need to Know in JanuaryEasy-to-swallow bits of information from around the world of pharmacy.
Blindness gene therapy price tag stirs controversyA patient advocacy group is criticizing the hefty price tag of a new treatment for blindness.
FDA takes tough stance on kids’ opioid cold medsFDA is taking its toughest stance yet on opioid-containing cough and cold medications for children.
FDA approves first drug for breast cancer with BRCA geneFDA approved the first drug to treat certain patients with metastatic breast cancer who have a “BRCA” gene mutation.
Drug shortage help on horizon
Drug shortage help on horizonWhile hospitals continue to face IV saline shortages after two hurricanes significantly damaged infrastructure in Puerto Rico, the situation should improve early this year.
Top 3 new drug approvalsHere are 3 of the top new drug approvals in late December and early January.